Power Abuser Auto

Power Abuser Auto
Power Abuser Auto
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Revolutionary circuit design provides extra energy to maximize output performance.
Power Abuser v2 A.K.A "Current Stimulator" aids in all bikes electrical circuitry. It increases engine power by generating powerful & optimized sparks duration for a more complete burning without consuming additional fuel.

  • Better Lighting Visibility
  • Prolong electronic parts lifespan
  • Stimulates electric current flow
  • Fuel consumption saving
  • Reduce engine braking
  • Improve BHP
  • Increase torque at low & mid speeds
  • Stabilizes idling & improves engine kink-over
  • improve engine response

Installing Power Abuser v2 Super Charger helps to keep voltage constant for increased efficiency, allowing electrical components to operstae at their peak potential efficiency and top performance. Power Abuser improves throttle response, save petrol and lengthens battery & electrical component life. Installation is quite simple and the unit is designed to fit virtually any vehicle.

Power abuser V2 - Current Stimulator (Motorcycle and Cars)

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