Motor Oils 4-stroke

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Racing Synth 4T 10 W-60
High-performance 4 stroke engine oil for sports applications. Tested on racing machines. For optim..
 Racing 4T 10 W-40
Immediate lubrication at cold start. Promotes reliable lubrication and reduces wear. Specially sui..
Racing Synth 4T 10 W-50
Optimum lubrication even under extreme operating conditions. Specially suitable for high-speed eng..
Racing 4T 20 W-50
4-Stroke High-Tech Engine Oil. Provides reliable lubrication even at high temperatures. Reduces oi..
Racing HD-Classic SAE 50
Single application engine oil. For use on classic motorbikes. Specially suitable for Harley Davids..
Touring High Tech 15 W-40
 Touring High Tech 15 W-40 Protects from wear and corrosion and prevents the formation of b..
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