Oils, Fuel & Radiator Additives

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Liquified Mos2 Engine Treatment
Oil Additive for high load or full throttle driving. • Substantially reduces wear & extends ..
Speedtec Fuel Booster
Modern fuel additive for improved and smoother acceleration and throttle response in the partial l..
Racing 2T-Bike-Additiv
Breaks down residues in the inlet and exhaust channels as well as carburettors. Protects the fuel ..
Racing 4T Bike Additive
Breaks down residues in valves and the combustion chamber. Keeps the engine clean and enhances eng..
Racing Gear Oil SAE 75 W -90
Multipurpose gear oil with wide viscosity range. Promotes easier gear changing and quieter running..
Radiator Antifreeze RAF 11
Radiator antifreeze RAF 11 is an ingenious combination of active agents which is formulated using ..
Pro-Line Engine Flush -500ML
Combination of special additives for cleaning the oil circuit from lacquer formers and all types o..
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